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Bohinjska Bela 97A
4263 Bohinjska Bela

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The Lake Bled

The Lake Bled is a lake in the Slovenian region Oberkrain (Gorenjska), the health resort of Bled on Pokljuka foot-high plateau. The lake is 475 m above sea level.

The approximately 2.1 km long and up to 1.4 km wide lake has a total area of 1.45 square kilometres and a maximum depth of 30 m. His highest temperature (in July and August) is about 25°C.

The lake is a small island (Blejski otok) with a known Mary's Church and major excavations from the early and high Middle Ages. The journey to the island is usually in a traditional wooden boat offered, the so-called Pletna (not only similar to the terminology used in the Salzkammergut Plätten).

On a steep rock towers of the castle Bled (Blejski grad) on the lake. Another major attraction is the castle Grimschitz (Graščina Grimšče).

The Vintgar Gorge

(Slovenian: Blejski Vintgar) is a gorge about 4 km northeast of Bled in Slovenia. It is of Bled on the villages degrees Grinšče, Sp. Gorje and Zg. Graben to reach. The gorge is part of the Triglav National Park and was already at the end of the 19th Century as a tourist attraction expanded. In addition, one of the river to the protected natural monuments. The gorge was Radovna River up to 300 meters deep between the vertical walls of the mountains and Hom Boršt out, is about 1,600 m long and ends on 13 m high waterfall Šum. By doing so, he grßte case the river water level of all cases in Slovenia. The Radovna River originates in about 1,000 m height in the Julian Alps northeast of the Triglav.

A trail leads paying about 30 minutes longer than bridges, wooden bridges and galleries by the high aufragende Gorge.

Bled - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Bled - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Bled - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Bled - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Vintgar - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Vintgar - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia

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Waterfall Savica

Waterfall Savica is definitely one of the most beautiful and most visited Slovene natural remarkableness. Waterfall was also an inspiration for our greatest poet France Prešeren which was praise in song Baptism at Savica.

The waterfall is situated in Triglav Natural Park along Bohinj Lake in which is also outpouring.

The waterfall gets water from higher situated Black lake. During the strong rain it can happen that the area around Black lake does not consume such big amount of water and the Waterfall Savica becomes almost 600 m high.

The waterfall is also very interesting because it is divided into two parts, left part is higher, it is 78 m high, right one is only 25 m high.

You can visit Waterfall Savica from two different directions, for a one hour long walk you start the trip at hotel Zlatorog along Bohinj Lake. Indicated road leads to the Savica hall and then the 20 minutes long slope to the waterfall.

The short cut starts at the Savica hall. The path is protected by fence. A trip is 20 minutes long, it is recommended to have comfy shoes and a little condition.

Bohinj - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Bohinj - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Bohinj - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Bohinj - Pr' Bevc, Bohinjska Bela - Slovenia
Triglav - Pr' Bevc, Triglavska Bela - Slovenija
Triglav - Pr' Bevc, Triglavska Bela - Slovenija

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In the past well known of the important trade way through Trst, Reka and Ljubljana is today an important tourist attraction in Slovenia.

Here starts the wonderful karstic world with its wonderful caves.

Postojna caves

Are piece of work of river Pivka and interlaced 21 km long passages. In the cave are many halls in high of 45 m. The cave is adorned with wonderful stalactites and stalagmites that can be put into covers, pillars and waterfalls. In the cave dwells Proteus. Postojna caves have a constant temperature of 8 degrees. You can drive inside the cave with the small train.

In the surroundings of Postojna caves there is also Pivka cave, Black cave, cave under the Predjama castle and Planina cave. The karstic landscape hides also one interesting thing the Planinska field.

Near the entry to the Postojna caves in the middle of high rock stands out a mighty Predjama castle.

From the castle leads the genuine gallery to Postojna caves, which has knight Erazem used for his robbery expeditions. In the castle you can visit an archaeological collection and medieval arsenal.

Sport fishing in the vicinity of Bled (Fly Fishing)

Fly Fishing in Slovenia has never been so close to you! If you are in search of superb grayling, brown trout or rainbow trout, fly fishing on crystal-clear Slovenian rivers like the Sava Bohinjka, the Radovna or the Soca, you have come to the right page.

Slovenia is an interesting country in which different types of landscape connect. There are many fishing grounds with well-preserved natural features which have not been ravaged by various interventions which have robbed the natural beauty from so many waters all over the world. In Slovenia, fishermen can find fast and clear Alpine rivers and lakes, meandering Karst waters, meadow brooks, rivers in medium-height mountain ranges and extremely interesting Karst flooding grounds. Fishermen in Slovenia therefore have a rare opportunity to become familiar with the most varied natural biotopes and the different circumstances occurring in them.

The Fishing Clubs of Slovenia manage some of the most characteristic and best preserved Slovenian fishing grounds with well-maintained stocks of various fish, among which certain endemic salmonids of the Adriatic basin are especially valued. Fishermen boast of over a century of tradition of organised fishing, which also played a role in the Slovene national revival around the turn of the century. Our times demand that fishermen be present near the water only as fishermen, but to be active in all events related to water and its surroundings, because we aim at preserving all its natural beauty.

Bled lies in the extreme north-westem part of Slovenia, at the foothills of the Julian Alps and the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka rivers. It has a mild healthy subalpine climate with the longest bathing season of all Alpine resorts. The ridges of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke protect it from cold northern winds. There is no fog during the season. The average monthly temperature in January is -1.7 °C, and in July it is 19 °C.

Sava Bohinjka

The Sava Bohinjka is an Alpine river which flows from Lake Bohinj, runs through a narrow valley which in places becomes a ravine and joins the Sava Dolinka at Radovljica. In keeping with its Alpine character, it is predominantly inhabited by salmonid fish: brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout. Over the last few years, the share of salmon has been increasing, since they can find not only enough food in the river, but also good hiding places in the numerous deep pools. A healthy river bottom gives fish an ample selection of water insects and other food. The fish are therefore healthy and discriminating, and, taking into account the well-preserved natural environment, it is no wonder that some guests choose to visit only the Sava Bohinjka river.

Where fishermen will go on the Sava Bohinjka depends on the season and the type of fish they wish to catch. In cold months at the beginning and end of the fishing season it is better to look for calmer areas and fish with sinker lures and wet fly lures. During the major spawning which is limited to the months of June and July on the Sava Bohinjka, fish are very active and finding the right spot is not difficult. In summer and early autumn, the fish become very cautious and it is easier to fool them in the faster-flowing parts of the river.

Sava Bohinjka - upper part

The following fish can be found in the river: brown trout, rainbow trout, salmon, grayling, chub and minnow.

The Sava Bohinjka is a highly valued river for fly fishing. The only allowable method of sports fishing is fly fishing - fishing with a fly-fishing pole and one artificial fly lure. The use of fish hooks without barbs is obligatory. The allowable daily catch is three salmonids, of which only one may be grayling.

The fishing season for rainbow trout lasts from 1 April to 30 .November; for brown trout from 1 April to 30 September, for grayling from 1 June to 30 .November.

Sava Bohinjka - lower part

The lower part of the river is managed by the Bled Fishing Club and runs from the dam in Soteska to the Cajhen dam. Fishing with a fly-fishing pole and one artificial fly lure is permitted. The use of fish hooks without barbs is obligatory. If ordinary hooks are used, barbs must be pried or ground off. Spinning is not permitted. Fishing from boats or bridges is not permitted. The allowable daily catch is three salmonids.

The fishing season for rainbow trout lasts from 01 April to 14 November, for brown trout from 01 April to 30 September, for grayling from 1 June to 14 November, for salmon from 15 November to 14 February.


The Radovna is a smaller Alpine river, entirely preserved, which runs from the Krma mountain valley through a medium-wide valley and breaks through the very picturesque Vintgar gorge near Gorje. It is above all inhabited by brown trout which reach trophy sizes in its lower part, and rainbow trout. Trophy brown trout in the Radovna are a constant challenge for experienced fishermen.

Access to the river is possible at all places, since a well-maintained gravel road leads through the remote and sparsely populated valley.

The Radovna fishing grounds extend from the bridge in Srednja Radovna to the Vintgar gorge. The only allowable method of sports fishing is fly fishing. The use of hooks without barbs is obligatory. The allowable daily catch is three salmonids.

The fishing season for brown trout lasts from 1 March to 30 September, for brook trout from 1 March to 30 October, for rainbow trout from 1 March to 30 October.


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